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Get fantastic vibrant colours by using our colour chart!

The OneSource colour chart. Exclusive to OneSource. This chart is a great design resource that will make sure your next event has street banners/flags that really standout. 
After years of trialing, the colours displayed on the chart have proven to give the best results:

•    Richer and Deeper Colours
•    Highest Colour Saturation
•    Optimal UV Resistance

Combined, these factors will maximise your flag’s visual appearance throughout its entire life. 
The colour chart provides a guide that simplifies the colour selection process, but it doesn’t restrict you from using any other colour.

Here at OneSource, we always recommend that you get fabric proofs (provided at no charge!) so you can see the results before you sign off on the production run. 
As New Zealand’s specialist street flag/banner company, we look forward to talking with you about your planned events and street promotions. 



Contact us now for your free pre production fabric colour chart. Exclusive to OneSource.

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